We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women & migrant workers working in fashion & apparel sector by skilling them to earn a respectable livelihood

Who We Are

Our History

We are a government-registered organization focusing on women skill development that helps communities build capacity. So that marginalized women and girls can be empowered. We have been running a garment factory for more than 7 years. And we have been continuously observing a lack of participation in women. That has made us realize the importance of women’s participation in this area for society and led us to the skill development of women. So the Bose Foundation has decided to increase the participation of women workers in the factory, allowing them to show their talent providing a platform. Our long-term, integrated programs in the fashion industry offer creative answers to long-standing development problems.

Our mission

The main aim is women empowerment through skill development by opportunities that we are providing all females over the world. So that they can be financially strong individuals having their own identity by their talent. Also helping people with disabilities live independently. Our vision is to uplift women workers by providing the platform to showcase their talent and make something out of it for themselves.

Our values

We, at Bose Foundation, have our own set of values and principles which we strictly follow. We also encourage our workers to do the same, maintaining discipline and providing the best quality work. In that way, by making people realize the value of skill development for rural women, we have gained our people’s trust successfully!


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Volunteer with us to empower women and help them make their identity by themselves showing their talent. Get in touch by pressing the below button to volunteer with us.