Making Women’s Lives Better by Skill Development in Apparel Sector

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How is skill development contributing to society in the apparel sector? As a predominantly female employer, the clothing industry has the potential to break down the hurdles that women confront when entering the formal labor force. According to the study, the textile industry is India’s second-largest employer after agriculture. 

Therefore, uplifting women in the apparel sector plays a huge role in society. Because it is constantly aiding structural transformation and economic progress by increasing employability and labor productivity. Moreover, Skill development is assisting countries in becoming more competitive in the apparel manufacturing industry.

At Bose Foundation, we try to make their future better through skill development in the clothing industry. We uplift them by honing their skills and building their strong resumes. Well, these are a few ways below by which we are making a change in the society in the apparel industry. 

Offering A Platform for their Ideas

Women who are living in small towns and villages have always been financially dependent upon the males. And that is irrespective of having skills, knowledge, and being talented. We respect their individuality and support them in making their dreams come true by proving a platform so that they can showcase their talent.

Advocating Them for Sustainability

We can describe sustainable manufacturing as a form of manufacturing that minimizes waste and has a low environmental impact. These objectives will be met primarily by implementing techniques that will affect product design, process design, and operational principles. Because we believe in sustainability.

Exploitation In the fashion Industry 

Young girls and women face a number of barriers while entering the formal labor force. Restrictive social norms, gender biases, dangerous working settings, and public areas are some of a few issues they face constantly. The garment sector, as a primarily female employer, has the ability to break down some of these barriers.

At Bose Foundation, we are highly focused on making women better in their areas by providing them with skill development programs. Furthermore giving them job opportunities in apparel manufacturing in India’s one of the trustworthy manufacturing firms Hula Global

Bose foundation not only makes women’s lives better by providing them opportunities but also builds their resumes for any other platforms they might want to work in. In other words, making them financially independent by maintaining their individuality is what we aim to do.

Social Responsibility in Business

Social responsibility entails business acting in a way that serves society in addition to achieving shareholder value. Companies that are socially responsible should implement policies that promote the well-being of society and the environment while minimizing negative consequences on both. We are highly committed to taking social responsibility towards women and their well-being through BSR apparel manufacturing.

Roping it off

Apparel skill development is an important instrument for women’s empowerment, securing their future, and general personal growth. And it is a vital factor that improves employability in today’s globalized world. Skills are just as important as academic standing and skill because education and skill development goes hand in hand, isn’t it?. They are the foundations of a country’s economic success and community development in the apparel sector. 

On that account, education and skill acquisition can contribute to industrial advancement, economic diversification, innovation, and overall country development.

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