Work with us to develop a well-structured program that goes beyond your CSR goals. At Bose Foundation we help women and disabled people in many ways. So you can volunteer in the following areas mentioned below.

1. Women Skill Development And Empowerment

For all the talented women living in small areas who haven’t had the opportunity to showcase their work, we empower them by providing our platform and uplifting them in the apparel sector.


2. Sustainable Manufacturing

We believe in sustainable manufacturing processes that have a low negative impact on the environment while preserving energy and natural resources. It further improves employee, community, and product safety. You can reduce energy consumption, manufacturing time, waste, and material usage by enhancing the efficiency of your equipment and operations.

3. Providing A Platform for Innovative Ideas

At Bose Foundation, innovative ideas are always welcome, giving them value. So that they feel more confident and participate in better ways and make their identities.

4. Empowering Workers to Make Dignified living in the Apparel Sector

Many people living in small towns or villages don’t even know much about the apparel manufacturing sector. We make them aware of the importance of their work in the apparel sector. And provide training for skill development in clothing industry. Further giving them a platform to make a dignified living in the apparel sector.

5. Incubation in Apparel Manufacturing

We help our workers develop their skills effectively so that they can do better for themselves and be financially independent. In other words, we build their resumes and help them be prepared for other platforms also