Welcome to Bose Foundation

Empowering women & migrant workers to make dignified living in Apparel Sector

Helping women and disabled people live independently.

What we do?

We work on women empowerment & skill development focused on the garment manufacturing industry. We run three separate programs, each consisting to a niche segment.

Women Empowerment

We work with women workers to skill them and help them find their first job

Skills Development

We run skill development programs to train workers in apparel manufacturing


We help solo-entrepreneurs launch their ventures through digital channels


Ethical Manufacturing

We work with garment factories to ensure that the workers are paid fairly

Innovation Platform

We provide platform to bring out sustainable solutions for apparel industry

Policy & Advocacy

We engage with policy makers to create sustainable practices in fashion industry

Get Involved

We engage in policy change work to support social and environmental justice. To recognise and incentivise sustainability led fashion design entrepreneurs, and to champion support for best practice at a larger scale.


A young woman can trained and find her first job with your support


Work with us to create a structured program that delivers beyond your CSR objectives.


Volunteer with us to serve and be the changemaker